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  • What's it all about?

    With deep roots anchored in the performance-based industry, we as PUNX decided to accept a new challenge: create a revolution while sharing our awesomeness with the world!

    We grab every opportunity that will arise to maximize your performance for better, faster and bigger results! We’ll do all of this while operating in highly dynamic industries/ verticals, where even the smallest changes can cause huge disruptions and chaos.
  • The Master Plan?

    When it comes to our affiliates, we don’t PUNX around! Our publishers prosper from the connections we have with top advertisers and super media sources - it’s our mission to ignite these relationships.
  • But how does it work?

    We do more than buying and selling traffic!
    Data analysis is considered a time-consuming, difficult and tedious activity, but we are quite fond of it! That’s why we enjoy combining our mindsets with our own data framework and adding them to the equation. This formula allows us to make the best decisions and grow together!

Why punx

  • High Performing Offers - For Money Makers Only

    Each offer we list is thoroughly tested by our experts via several channels. Only high performing offers are listed on PUNX Media for publishers to make $$$.
  • Real Time Stats – For Stats Lovers

    We like to keep it classic in some ways, that’s why we use the HasOffer Platform, which meets the highest publisher’s and advertiser’s demands – for a sophisticated real-time traffic tracking.
  • Top Rewards – Because we all love CASHFLOW

    PUNX is rolling cash flow! Strong and direct relationships with advertisers allow us to provide publishers with the highest payouts and fastest payments.
  • Personal Account Manager - Dedicated to you!

    Let your personal account manager provide you with personalized and flexible solutions for highly competitive verticals.

What's new?

Meet PUNX Media at The European Summit - Prague, 14-17 September 2017


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