Double your CPA/ CPL, instantly
New Payout Models On The Market!

dCPA and rCPL

  • dCPA = double CPA

    We DOUBLE your CPA each time a player makes a second deposit
  • rCPL = CPL with a twist

    We add for each lead that is depositing, the same value as the deposit

The rewards REVOLUTION
starts right here!

PUNX Media recognises all things that are faulty when it comes to paying affiliates what they truly worth. We acknowledge how important great traffic really is and we’re ready to pay for it. As an affiliate, you are a free-spirited individual who choose this industry because of its flexibility. We know your needs and we love rewards because when it comes to our affiliates, we don’t PUNX around.

dCPA and rCPL

With the newest payout models on the market, PUNX Media is inviting you to say goodbye to the frustrating moments all affiliates go through. From now on you can say PUNX this when:
  • you have good quality traffic, but your payouts are low;
  • you send players to operators and have no idea what is your player value;
  • your players go above and beyond the baseline, you are still paid the usual CPA;
  • you send leads that are converting very well, but you get no info about metrics;
  • you send leads to operators and you don’t get paid for high rollers;
  • you get no support from your account manager.

dCPA and rCPL guarantees that
Great traffic = Great rewards

Get in touch with us and start ROCKING your payouts right now!